Room Additions To Consider Before You Sell Your Property

Home Office

If you are selling a house, it might be time to consider additions that could increase the value of your property. The best way to make sure you are positioned well in the market is to make your home as desirable to others as possible.

You might think this will require a huge project, that drains time and money, but there are a number of simple and inexpensive ways to boost the value of your property.

As it is becoming more common to work from home, an office may capture a whole new group of prospective buyers.

A home office does not require a large amount of space or even a separate room. There may be a spare nook or cranny in your home that with some small alterations can be transformed from an empty space into a functioning work station

The normal requirements of a home office are a built in desk with storage units and plug in points. To make it comfortable and welcoming, the addition of natural lighting and ventilation would be beneficial.


Buyers often look for a point of difference when searching for a new home and having a large master bedroom can be very attractive. An ensuite sets the master bedroom apart from the other bedrooms in the home and may be a feature that makes or breaks a buyer’s decision to buy.

The luxury of a ensuite is it that relieves pressure on the other bathrooms in the house, an important consideration for busy families.

An ensuite can be added without sacrificing a lot of space in the bedroom. All that is needed is a sink, toilet and shower enclosure. With a little tampering, these can be squeezed into a tight space.

Extra Bedrooms

The number of bedrooms can be one of the most important features of a home to a prospective buyer. This means that building an extra bedroom on your property may help to make it more valuable in the market and to buyers. Adding an extra bedroom might seem like a huge undertaking, but the cost and effort are sure to be rewarded in the long run.

Bedrooms are considered one of the property necessities and can be more important than luxury features, such as pools or triple garaging.


Off street parking is often an overlooked addition to any home, even though the practical benefits of garaging are endless.

A garage means you can avoid the hunt for a park on the street, especially one where there are parking restrictions. They provide somewhere dry to unload the supermarket shopping and extra storage space to keep all of your unused furniture.

This property feature doesn’t require the expensive trappings needed when renovating a home internally, but can be a serious selling point.

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Preparing Your Home For Sale – Living in Style

Color Your World but Take Care

Barbie pink striped walls might be latest trend, but most buyers will be put off by such a fashion statement. When selling, the best advice is to keep things neutral. This doesn’t mean living in a world of white. If your living area seems cold, try a colour scheme of rich neutrals like sand and bronze tones. For a cooler feel, look at whites with a blue tint.

Size Does Matter

Today’s buyers like large living areas – open plan living is very popular. If your home doesn’t have a large living space then you will need to make the most of the space you do have. Colour can help, receding colours like blues and greens can make a room appear bigger. How you finish a small room is also important. In a small room, especially one with low ceilings, keep furnishings below waist height and limit the number of pieces in the room. Clutter will make your small room look even smaller!

Go With the Flow

Show buyers how easy it is to live in your living space. These rooms are places for people to communicate and relax so make sure you arrange your room to demonstrate this. Consider traffic flow, conversation areas, access from seating to coffee or side tables and task lighting for work or reading areas.

Watch out Below

Floors are the most expensive part of any room to replace; buyers know this, so they will want to see quality flooring. It may not be economical to replace worn or inappropriate flooring before you sell, so make the most of what you have. Have your carpets professionally cleaned. Marked or damaged timber floors should be re-sanded and polished.

Find a Feature

One of the golden rules of interior design is that rooms need a focus. It could be a fireplace, or the view from your window of French doors. If you living space doesn’t have a natural feature why not consider a feature wall? Even if buyers don’t agree with your style, most will not have a problem with changing one wall.